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Replacement Pads for Frames

Replacement Pads for Frames
Replacement Pads for Frames

Replacement Pads Ordering Instructions:

- The easiest way to make sure you order the correct size is to measure your current pad's length and width with a tape measure. We will make the length and width of the replacement pad to your specifications within a tolerance of +0" -1/8". What this means is your size entered below will never be bigger but may be up to 1/8" smaller. This tolerance is typical of all custom made products and is the result of the manufacturing process. The actual depths are as follows:

1" = 3/4"
2" = 1 3/4"

- The minimum size is 5" x 5" and the maximum is 24" x 30"

- Each pad will last up to 30 days. You can order in quantities of 12. When you are running low on pads, simply reorder from this page or the Reorder page.

- Orange/White media has a MERV 8 rating and is coated with a dry tackifier.

- Pads are cut to your specifications and require 2 business days to manufacture.

- Replacement pads are NON-RETURNABLE. Make sure you enter the correct measurements before buying.

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